ANSI/AGMA 9008-B00 pdf free download

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ANSI/AGMA 9008-B00 pdf free download.Flexible Couplings – Gear Type – Flange Dimensions, Inch Series.
ANSI/AGMA 9008 defines the interface dimensions for inch series shrouded and exposed bolt gear coupling flanges.
1.1 Applicability
This standard covers the dimensions for gear coupling sleeve and rigid hub flange outside diameter, bolt circle, flange width, hole size, number of holes, hole length and counterbore diameter or groove width for exposed and shrouded bolt gear couplings.
The gear coupling sizes covered in this standard are:
For exposed bolt couplings: 11/2,2,2112,3.3112,4,41/2, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.
For shrouded bolt couplings: 11/2, 2,21/2,3,31/2,
4 41/2 and 5.
2 Symbols
The symbols used in this standard can be found in table 1.
NOTE: The symbols and terms used in this standard may differ from other AGMA standards. The user should not assume that familiar symbols can be used without a careful study of their defined use.
3 Responsibility
Flange dimensions are only one of the factors that must be considered for interchangeability of flexible couplings. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to assure that all other factors are given proper consideration if a substitution is made.
4 Dimensions
The flange dimensions for inch series exposed bolt gear couplings are presented in table 2. The flange dimensions for inch series shrouded bolt gear couplings are presented in table 3. Tolerances for all dimensions listed in tables 2 and 3 are in accordance with individual manufacturers’ practice. Where multiple values are shown in tables 2 and 3, they represent the range of various manufacturers dimensions.ANSI/AGMA 9008 pdf download.

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