ANSI/AGMA 9003-B08 pdf free download

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ANSI/AGMA 9003-B08 pdf free download.Flexible Couplings – Keyless Fits.
A matching plug and ring gage set should be used to inspect the hub and shaft taper. The procedure is as follows:
(1) Ensure that the taper gage is within calibration and that the work piece and gage are in good condition; Le., free of all tool marks, nicks, burrs, or other damage.
(2) Both the portion of work to be inspected and the gage must be thoroughly washed in a solvent and dried so that all lint, dirt, oil film and other foreign material are removed.
(3) A light non-drying film of layout ink is applied to the gage in such a way that a uniform coat, tree of such things as lint. streaks and lumps, results. The film shall be a light blue color and be transparent so that the metallic finish of the gage surface is clearly visible.
(4) The gage is then carefully applied to the work so that it does not rub until the gage is in complete contact with the work. This can be accomplished by either rapidly pushing in the vertical direction or lightly dropping the gage onto the work in the horizontal position (the distance cannot exceed 25 percent of the taper length) or tapping the gage lightly using the heel of the hand, the end of a hammer handle or a small piece of brass or copper.
(5) Carefully remove the gage so that it does not rub the work and distort the blue pattern.
(6) Examine the blue pattern on the work, In order for it to be acceptable, the blue pattern must be uniform, and a minimum of 80 percent of the contact area must show, unless the applicable drawing states otherwise.
(7) If a permanent record is desired, transfer the blue pattern from the work by using adjoining strips of cellulose tape on the work surface and then apply the tape to a piece of clean white paper. Label the record appropriately.
(8) Typical patterns of contact are illustrated in ANSI/AGMA 9002-B04.
9.2 Hub-to-shaft fit
The contact between the bore of the hub and the shaft is critical, and should be checked by bluing as described in 9.1. Depending upon the application, 60 to 80 percent minimum contact is required. If the contact is insufficient, the hub or shaft may have to be remachined or lapped with special tools.
CAUTION: Do not lap the hub to the shaft because this will produce steps in the shaft which will result In an unacceptable hub-to-shaft fit.
When a mismatch occurs, first check the plug gage with the ring gage for contact. If they do not fit properly, they must be repaired or replaced before proceeding. Then check the hub and shaft separately and repair or replace as required. Grinding is the preferred method for repair with a minimum depth of cut of about 0.001 inch to properly load the grinder bearings. Before and after rework, calculate the new axial position of the mounted hub to ensure that there will be no problems with the setup dimensions of the coupling or the connected equip- ment. If machining of the part is not possible, then a lapping plug or ring must be made from the master gage. Alternatively, aring gage can be made to ftthe shaft, and then a plug gage to fit the ring gage. This new plug can be used to manufacture a new hub.
9.3 Hub mounting
This mounting procedure is a suggested method, to be used in the absence of any specific procedural requirement of the equipment manufacturer.ANSI/AGMA 9003 pdf download.

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