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AGMA 07FTM18-2007 pdf free.Bevel Gear Model.
Gear generation setup
Initial calculations define the mean calculation point on the gear and the gear root cone distance. A sim- ple machine setup is used to generate the gear member. The machine root angle is set to the gear root angle. Blade angles are equal to the desired pressure angles. The setup is based on a point at the nominal cutter radius which is generally not a point on the tooth surface but gives a starting point. Process differences are taken into account. For face milling the cutter is referenced at the point ra- dius and for face hobbing the cutter is referenced at mean height. With the face hobbing process, con- tinuous indexing is superimposed on the generating motion. The added indexing motion must satisfythe basic law of gearing.
AGMA 07FTM18-2007 pdf freeWhere ba is the average dedendum; Oψ is the spiral angle change due to the face hobbing continuous in- dexing;△b。is the distance from the gear pitch point to the mean point; AR is the gear root cone distance; RGm is the gear radius at the mean point.
Point on gear tooth surface
Using basic gear settings the vector gear model is setup similar to the pinion model shown in Figures 4 and 5 for a point at the nominal cutter radius. The actual mean point on the generated gear surface is found by iterating on the cradle angle position, 0qG,the cutter phase angle, eG, and the distance along the cutting edge, SG.
Second order gear surface
Vectors g, along the gear axis, 9G, along the cradle axis, RG, from crossing point to mean point, AG,from machine center to mean point, NG, unit contact normal and tG, unit along cutter element, are used to calculate the relative linear and angular velocities and accelerations between the generator and the gear.AGMA 07FTM18 pdf download.

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